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Sugared Heat

They’s building the bonfire in a field on the forest’s southern fringe, a two minute trudge from camp. They’s piling fuel high—if there’s one thing they got in abundance ’round these parts, it’s wood—close enough to the tree-line to make a point, far enough not to set the whole woodland ablaze. Huffing and cursing, cousins […]


The Sound of His Voice Like the Colour of Salt

The ghost boy was the colour of bone, of gossamer spider web, of salt trails of dried tears. He still had his shape, his outline. No one had said his name in thirty years, even though he’d scarred the house with it, carved onto a tree in the garden, scratched into the paint under the […]


Silk Bones

First Forgetting It was snowing when Ria arrived in Carrmore, and didn’t look as if it would ever stop. Taking time out from unpacking the boxes and bags that she had crammed into her little green Skoda for the drive north, she went to the bedroom window and watched the flakes descend with universal patience […]


The Better Part of Drowning

Alix was never sure what kept the groaning rickety-spider of a dock up, unless it was the mussels that swarmed over the piles, turning them to hazards that could slice a swimmer open. The divers were all over scars from waves and mussels, always being pushed into shell sharp as knives and leaving their blood […]


Mr. Doornail

“Mr. Doornail has eaten my heart!” the old man cried in the village one morning, noticing belatedly the horror that had been done him. Shortly thereafter, he took off his spotless white fedora, threw it into the air, and sidestepped casually into the path of an automobile. Mind, no one had wanted the old man […]


The Weirdo

I liked the weirdo. He made me laugh. Sure, sometimes he freaked me out with the stories he told, but most of the time he was fine. He made us, Rudy and I, crack up. My friend teased him. “And where would these monsters be, old man?” It was the beginning of summer. Cicadas filled […]


Neither Time Nor Tears

This is my grandmother’s house; mine since last Tuesday when the will was read, an impoverished student sitting on a million dollar piece of property. The air still carries the scent of her, the faintest hint of lavender and Pears shampoo—but there have always been odours in this house that seem to have no source: […]


The Whalebone Parrot

[Emily Riddell’s Journal] June 26th 18–– A.D. Today, on a teetering skiff, I reached Whalebone Island. Mister Franklin crosses the inlet twice a month to deliver mail and supplies. In three years, he has never seen Loretta’s face. She hides behind a veil. Why? Squeezed to near-transparency between the distant sky and sea, Whalebone Island […]

Listen Read

Red String

“You again? You don’t understand ‘no,’ is it? Why you keep coming here?” Mrs. Ong growls, fists propped on generous hips, lipsticked mouth a crimson wound. “Also, what you want me to do with those?” “Put them in a vase?” The man is narrow as a joss stick, with thinning hair and a grave stare. […]


These Bones Aside

The entire village ushers Bina to The Thousand Skin Tent, the men with their lanterns and grave faces, the women with doughy infants suckling bare, sloping breasts. Children dart between their legs, their eyes glittering and wide. They are silent. Yagra told her there would be silence. At the top of The Great Hill, The […]