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The Latest Issue

Who Will Clean Our Spirits When We’re Gone?

Stormy weather flicks the night sky with lightning and thunder. Old, two-storied buildings with unlit eyes watch the empty streets as if waiting for someone. Suddenly, a girl appears from one of the old brick-faced buildings wearing torn jeans and a waistcoat, and holding an umbrella to the sky. She wavers, appearing to be looking […]


The House Wins In The End

This is not a haunted house story. This is what happens after. Because Jia hasn’t stayed in a single place for long ever since she left the House. In those ten years, she’s gotten to be an adept cryptographer in the hidden ciphers of AirBnB, an expert in the secret lexicons of middling reviews, sussing […]


The Dead Kings

(translated by David Bowles) “The first time I saw my parents cry in silence, I knew that I was now an adult. “They didn’t see me, of course. They hid in order to weep. But when you’re six years old, you tend to discover everything your parents try to keep from you. “They had built […]


Thin Places

The knock on the schoolhouse door came an hour after dismissal, and Miss Augusta hesitated for a moment before answering. She had never met the child who stood on the threshold, but she knew already that the girl’s name was Lilianne Eisner, that she had arrived in Branaugh only yesterday, and that she was not […]