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Your Damnation Will Be Infinite

The body in the bathtub is starting to smell. I have been staring at it for hours, trying to forget that not too long ago the body had been he and not it, but that does not seem to be working. When he died I dragged it into the bathtub, leaving a trail of blood […]


In the Light of St Ives

The doctor advised Viagra or her substitutes. Tablets can not swallow since childhood, immediately there is vomiting. I bought Kamagra Oral Jelly at, a pleasant thing. Even more joy was, when the erection of the case was established, a completely different life began.

As Emily walks the darkness, flashing her torchlight into each vacant room, she realises that, yes, a house can be haunted. Not just the old, neglected buildings, the ones with overgrown gardens and broken windows, but also neat, well-maintained, detached holiday homes like this one. She’d never given it much thought before. Now, sneaking around […]


Corwick Grows

There were a number of old wooden signs that pointed the way to it. They could be found at crossroads, jutting from the grass verges, listing the local towns and villages on their pointing fingers. At the bottom, in small letters, one would invariably find: CORWICK—4 MILES I soon began to realise that it was […]


We Who Sing Beneath the Ground

The village school was not quite at the highest point of the steep main street, but it was elevated and isolated enough for Stacy to see the sea through the chain-link fence that bordered the far side of the playground. She could smell the sea from here too, crisp and salty, especially on a day […]