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Too Many Ghosts

He’d paid more attention to the knife, and the face he’d brought forth from the wood, than to his left hand trembling as it gripped the cottonwood branch. The blade went into the side of his thumb smoothly, and if it had been wood he would have immediately realized he’d chosen his materials poorly, because […]

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The Curtain

“Meet me by the pinnacle,” Martin said as he spat into his mask and rubbed the lenses. “And save me some beer.” Carlos tossed his empty bottle into the floor of the boat and yawned. “Better whistle. I might be asleep.” “Then you’d better wake up. I’m not swimming all the way back.” Martin fitted […]


As Cymbals Clash

Seated at the edge of the stage, Godfrey untied the knot in the handkerchief that Caroline had embroidered his initials into and filled with tokens of love. The audience watched. The audience waited. There were no tricks hidden within the square of white cotton, yet the audience perched at the edges of their seats as […]


The Absent Shade

“Calm down now,” Umbra said as she wiped away Thomas’ tears. “Let’s play a game. It’s a secret though. You mustn’t tell anyone about it.” After that Thomas wanted to play every night, so Umbra would get up from her roll up mattress on the floor beside his bed and move the lamps around to […]