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It’s been raining for two weeks now. Shiny, stabby rain, so that when Momma gets me and Benjamin out of the car we have to run for it so our skin doesn’t get all red and blotchy. At first, she laughed when we came inside, and her hair glimmered like a fairy’s. I knew mine […]

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Wheatfield with Crows

Sometimes when he sketched out what he remembered of that place, new revelations appeared in the shading, or displayed between the layering of a series of lines, or implied in a shape suggested in some darker spot in the drawing. The back of her head, or some bit of her face, dead or merely sleeping […]


Some Pictures of Monsters

Here’s the stepmother watching them through a crack in the barn wall. Her eyes are wide. She’s dizzy still, from that moment ago when the prince stepped into her courtyard requesting water for his retinue, a carriage wheel having snapped just there on the road before this good burgher’s house, but she’s conniving too and […]



No plant can thrive without putting down roots, as nothing comes from nothing; what you feed your garden with matters, always, be it the mulched remains of other plants, or bone, or blood. The seed falls wherever it’s dropped and grows, impossible to track, let alone control. There’s no help for it. These are all […]